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Beaver Tracks Pvt. Ltd. is one of the most renowned DTH 2000 Button Bits Manufacturers in India.Offered button bits by our manufacturers are utilised to drill hard rock without the need to blast it. With 3 decades of solid experience in manufacturing robust button bits, these devices are also used for surface drilling besides a variety of associated applications. We deal with standard bits in different sizes and shapes to meet the ever-changing requirements of our clients.

Button Bits Manufacturers supplies the products to many states and countries. Of durable and robust nature, our button bits are in huge demand throughout the world. We manufacture these button bits by considering many factors such as speed force, regrinding intervals, rotation speed, drill pipe size and so on to make our products capable in hard conditions. The raw materials used to manufacture buttons are sourced from reliable vendors in the market. Moreover, the button-bit manufacturer provides these products at market-leading prices.

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The button bits we manufacture are sent to the client’s location in India and abroad. Our button bits are in high demand on a global scale owing to their robust design. While manufacturing these button bits, one needs to take many factors into account, such as

speed force, regrinding intervals, rotation speed, drill pipe size and so on. This will ensure that the resulting product is built to endure the rigours of the work even in the most challenging conditions. Materials used to build our button bits are sourced from dependable suppliers. Additionally, these materials are supplied for a competitive price, allowing us to pass this benefit to our customers through reduced pricing or better-quality products.

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