Precision engineered Truck Mounted Drilling Rig Manufacturers

Beavertracks is a Hyderabad based truck Mounted Drilling Rig Manufacturers company established in 1977 with a vision to offer world-class drilling equipment to our global clients. We manufacture and export a wide range of truck mounted drilling rigs and stand as one of the leading truck mounted rigs manufacturers exporters in india.

Usually, the DTH 1500 drilling hold capacity ranges from 6" to 8" bore which can be drilled to a depth of 400, 600, 800, 1000, and 1200 feet. These make use of truck engine/deck engines as movers of Truck Mounted Drilling Rig which are manufactured and available in gear type/piston type finish.

As a leading Truck Mounted Drilling Rig Manufacturers we are tied up with many heavy-duty trucks for which drilling rigs can be fit. We select the best heavy engine capacity vehicle only for faster transport.

Versatile Rig Manufacturers

Beavertracks is growing at a rapid pace by providing high-quality and affordable products. We are equipped with world-class manufacturing facilities which, helps in the strategic development of innovative products. We are trusted truck Mounted Drilling Rig Manufacturers offering the best products in the industry ensuring on-time delivery.

The mounted Drilling Rig Manufacturer's designs are simple and of compact build, heavy-duty performance, high accessibility and reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

Truck Mounted Drilling Rigs could be portable supplies on Truck-Mounted, tracks or trailers, or more changeless areas or marine-based structures.

Superior Features:
  • ● Heavy-duty mechanical strength
  • ● Long-lasting performance without any technical error
  • ● 100% testing
  • ● Excellent services
  • ● Excellent services

Global Presence

We manufacture Truck Mounted Drilling Rigs and deliver in India Maharashtra, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Meghalaya, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Karnataka. Truck Mounted Drilling Rig also export our truck-mounted drilling to other parts of the world, such as Nigeria, Zambia, Iran, Ghana, Ethiopia and Uganda.

We launched DTH Hammers, Drilling Bits, and other associated products in the year 1977, and gradually with the passage of time and advancement of our capabilities, we achieved a reputed position in the national arena consistently over the Years.

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