Under Ground Mining Drilling Rig

Modern and Advanced infrastructural facilities allow us to cater to the varied needs of our clients. We are well-equipped with a large factory area of 5000 sq. mtr. DTHR 300 Having all the infrastructural facilities needed for proficient products of items.

Our manufacturing industry is supported by advanced technology, tools, and equipment.

Mining Rig In Hyderabad

Beavertracks, a Hyderabad-based mining rig manufacturer, is gaining attention for its innovative solutions in the mining industry. our rigs are designed to meet the demanding requirements of various mining operations, offering reliability and efficiency. With a growing presence in Hyderabad, Beavertracks aims to provide quality equipment to support the region's mining needs.

Our manufacturing unit also has a quality testing laboratory where all the raw materials and the finished products are tested for their quality, performance and durability.

We always update our machines and equipment with advanced technology to keep our infrastructure in effective working condition.

Our company also encloses an in-house design unit with a CAD/CAM facility to upgrade the latest models and designs.

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Under Ground Mining Drilling Rig