Pole Erection Drilling Rig India

Beaver Company is also a manufacturer of Pole Erection Drilling rigs in India. In the past years, we have been the best producer of the Pole Erection Drilling DTH 650 from Hyderabad. We have implemented an advanced mechanism to evolve the work efficiently.

We provide the different technologies as follows :
  • ● Bullet cutter technique
  • ● Hydraulic Jack Drilling
  • ● Hydraulic Jack Booms
Benefits of the Pole Erection Drilling Rig are:
  • ● High capacity to Drilling, in soil, Small rocky soil.
  • ● High capacity of the drill with high potential situations.
  • ● Comfort and safety in Pole Erection Drilling Rig.
  • ● Can erect up to 15 Mtr poles in most convenient ways.
  • ● Built-in self-wet drilling during hard soil surface meets.

Throughout the world, Beaver Track is the top supplier and manufacturer chain to deliver our portable Pole Erection Drilling Rig in India to countries like Uganda, Iran, Zambia, Ghana Ethiopia etc. Overwhelming obligation transmission created extraordinary crane requisition. This machine can be easily moved and adjusted at the congested place also.

We are the best designer portable drillers in South India; we have received good positive feedback from these portable Pole Erection Drilling Rig machines. Pole Erection Drilling Rig equipped with various slings and lifting chains, hydraulic tampers and pole jacks.

Pole Erection Drilling Rig in India is systematic while drilling there would be a hard soil surface at this time the machine will automatically make the soil wet and cleared for further process in drilling deep, which is called self wet mechanism technique this makes the work easy and faster.

Pole Erection Drilling Rig is utilized for transformer moving on post and VCB establishment in substation function and other material taking care of like wire drum stacking, emptying and so forth. We have full backups of spare parts which will guarantee smooth operation of the Pole Erection machine and reduced breakdown time.

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Pole Erection Drilling Rig India