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Beaver Tracks Pvt Ltd. is one of the dominant DTH Hammers Suppliers in India. Our suppliers are recognized for providing the high-performing and fastest DTH Hammers. We have launched this DTH 2000 hammer in the year 1997 in Andhra Pradesh. Now our DTH Hammers are hugely used in many industries across the world.

Along with supplying, DTH Hammers Suppliers also deal with manufacturing and exporting of hammers. We also give the best service for our DTH hammer. To avoid the damaging environment of the products, we have a large warehouse for safe storage of all items. Our stubborn state of mind on quality has empowered us to give out our valuable clients in for best possible way.

DTH Hammer Suppliers & Manufacturers & Factory

Beaver Tracks Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified Company established in the year of 1977 by our Honourable Chairman Mr. Madhusudhan Reddy. We are among the reputed manufacturer, supplier and exporters of the Water Well Drilling Rigs, Mining, Construction, Piling, Pole Erection Equipments and it’s accessories like DTH Hammers, Button Bits, Drill Rods, etc for solving all kinds of drilling needs. We have launched DTH Hammers, Drilling Bits, etc., in the year 1977 and gradually with the passage of time and other innovations; we achieved a reputed position in the national arena.

Beaver is a name synonym to Accuracy, Dependability and Innate power. Our precision products facilitate multi-directional drilling that guarantee straight deep holes with minimum hole- deviation. Drills and Hammers offered by us are deliberately designed to operate as single unit. This ensures improved competence and better drilling performance and is suitable for round rock drilling purposes.

Our tools and equipments outshine all parameters of DTH processes. Our commitment and consistency in our quality has endowed us with a soaring turnover of about 20 Crore.

Business type of DTH Hammers Suppliers: Manufacturer/ Supplier/ Exporter Areas covered by DTH Hammers Suppliers: Across India

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DTH Hammers Suppliers