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UGD 200

BEAVER UGD 200 model, Crawler mounted Top drive DTH Production Drill rig is capable of drilling in different formations such as medium to Hard Rock by DTH method,

Unconsolidated / alluvial formations using Air/Water. Upto a depth of 150 Meters. (Under favorable drilling conditions).

Application:- Underground Production drill.

Technical Specifications

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Drilling Method DTH and Rotary.
Drilling Diameter 4.5" to 6.5 " (115.0mm to 165.0mm)
Drilling Depth 500 ft (150mtr)
Mounting 7 Ton Crawler
Prime Mover 75 hp Electrical Motor
Mast Suitable to handle 5ft. (1.5mtr) Can be able to Rotate -180° to +180°
Centralizer Opening 12.0 inch
Pull Up force 8500 Kgf
Pull down force 5800 Kgf
Rotary Head Assembly 270 kg. mtr
Max. operating pressure 210 Kg / Cm2
Water Injection Pump 80 LPM
Breakout Arrangement ∮ 100 Cylinder
Anchoring cylinder ∮ 100 Anchoring Cylinders are provided for stability of the mast while drilling.


  • In view of continuous R&D and product improvement programme all specification, features etc. are subjected to amendments without prior notice.
  • BEAVER drilling rigs can be supplied in custom-built models in various configurations and Mounting features to suit all special requirements.