Types of Mining equipment commonly used in mining industry

There are several kinds of equipment that are widely used in the mining industry for extracting important minerals from the earth's surface. Here are some of the most commonly used mining equipments :

Excavators - These are majorly used for open-pit mining where a large area of the earth's surface is dug to extract the minerals. These are available in various sizes and shapes to be suitable for a myriad of applications and are well-equipped with varied attachments such as grapples, and breakers. Digging the earth's surface to extract the minerals is a tedious task but with the help of excavators, it is possible to extract the bulk amount of minerals easily.

Dump Trucks -These are used to carry the extracted minerals from the mining area to the warehouses. These dump trunks are available in various capacities, sizes, and shapes to be able to export the extracted minerals, ores, and waste material from the mining site.

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Loaders - The minerals that are extracted from the earth's surface are required to be loaded into the trucks for transporting to the warehouses or storage areas. Completing this task can be nerve-wracking. However, with the use of loaders large amounts of the minerals can be easily transported to the varied trucks. Moreover, these are available in different sizes and shapes to be able to carry the minerals easily from the mining area.

Bulldozers - These are huge-size machines that have a sharp blade in the front. These are majorly used to push and move the debris, soil, rocks, and various other materials in the mining location.

Drills - Drills are mainly used to dig holes for extracting minerals, gas, oil, and many other valuable resources from the earth's surface. They are mainly used in underground mining and are available in varied models. Some of the drills that are most commonly used include underground drills, rotary drills, and blast-hole drills.

Crushers - Crushers are mainly used in the mining industry to crush the varied minerals into smaller pieces for further processing. These crushers are available in various sizes to crush down the numerous kinds of substances accessed from the earth's surface. The most common types of crushers used in the mining industry are Jaw crushers, Cone crushers, and Compound crushers. On the other hand, screens are used to sort materials based on their sizes, shapes, and grades.

Conveyors - These are used to carry large amounts of ores, minerals, rock, and waste from one place to another. They are majorly used in surfacing mining and are available in various types such as vibrating conveyors, belt conveyors, Chain Conveyors, Overhead Conveyors, and screw conveyors.

Draglines - These are large-size machines that have a long arm and a bucket for extracting minerals from the earth's surface. These are used to remove the overburden, excess ores, and various minerals from the earth's surface.

Underground Mining Equipment- These are used to extract minerals that can not be easily obtained through surface mining methods. The most commonly used underground mining equipment are Mine Trucks, Roof Bolters, Shuttle Cars, Continuous Miners, and Longwall Mining Systems.

Mining equipment plays an important role in the extraction of minerals from the earth's surface. There are various types of mining equipment that are available in the market, each suitable for different applications. With the advent of technological innovations, new types of mining equipment are being manufactured, making the job of mining easier and reducing the workload of miners. Hence, these are very much essential as they not only reduce the workload of labor but also ensure completing the mining tasks easier without any hassle.

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