DTH button bits

DTH button bits – Product Description

Beaver Tracks is enlisted among trusted manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of a broad range of DTH Button Bits. These DTH button bits are advisable for various drilling applications like Water wells, Mining, Construction, and Blasting and quarrying. They are specially designed and manufactured to give the maximum life and uninterrupted service during the drilling operation.

Our DTH button bits are assembled from the highest quality components, produced to rigidly maintained specifications and subjected to rigorous inspection throughout the manufacturing process. The resulting products are not only dependable but deliver consistent high performance.

The down-the-hole drilling button bits are subject to severe stress from the striking piston as well as from the abrasive cuttings passing the button bit at high velocity. When selecting the right drilling button bits for optimum performance, you have to balance penetration against button bit life. Our offered products known in the market for their long functional life and are reliable too.

We bestow these to our esteemed patrons in the bounded time frame and as per international industry standards. We offer products at affordable rates.

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DTH button bits