Technical Specification Of Beaver TMR 150

BEAVER TMR 150 model, Tractor mounted Top drive DTH cum ROTARY drill rig is capable of drilling in different formations such as medium to Hard Rock by DTH method, Unconsolidated / alluvial formations using Air/Waterflush by Rotary Method, up to a depth of 150 Meters.(Under fovorable drilling conditions).

Application : Suitable to drill for water well, Solar projects, Pile drilling

Drilling Method : DTH and Rotary
Drilling Diameter (DTH and Rotary) : 4.5" to 6.5" (115.0mm to 165.0mm)
Drilling Depth(DTH and Rotary) : 500ft(150ft)
Drilling Diameter (Solar Project) : 12.0"
Drilling Depth (Solar Project) : 3.0 mtr(10 ft)
Mounting : New Holland tractor 75hp (4WD)
Prime Mover : From PTO of the Tractor
Mast : Suitable to Handle 10ft.(3mtr)
Centralizer opening : 12.0" (standard) / 14.0" (solar project)
Pull Up Force : 8100 Kgf
Pull down Force : 5600 Kgf
Rotary Head Torque : 260 kg. mtr
Breakout Arrangement : The Drill Rig is equpped with hydraulically operated breakout wrench for tightening and loosening of drill rods and hammer.
Max operating Pressure : 200 Kg/Cm2
Water Injection Pump (Optional) : 36 LPM / 80 LPM
Centrifugal Mud Pump : 80LMP
Rod Charger : Manual operated single rod charger is provided for changing the drill rods.


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