Technical Specification Of Beaver  2000

BEAVER 2000 Model, Truck Mounted Hydraulically Operated Piling Drilling Rig can capable of drilling from 24” to 36” Dia. Bore Holes in different formations such as medium to hard rock by DTH method up to a depth of 20 Meters (66 Ft.) under favorable Drilling Conditions. The hydraulic pumps shall be powered by either same truck engine through PTO or by a separate diesel drive deck engine. It is a two truck version drilling rig.

Detailed Specifications:    
Capacity of drilling : 24” to 36” bore hole to a depth of 20  mtr. under favourable drilling  conditions.
Type of drilling : DTH
Prime mover od the  hydraulic pumps used : Truck Engine / Deck engine
Hydraulic pumps used : Gear type/ piston type
Maximum operating  pressure : 250 kg / cm2
Hydraulic oil tank capacity : 800 ltrs
Mast : Suitable to handle 15ft. Rods
Mast construction : Box Type structure
Pull up force : 35,000kg
Pull down force : 22,000kg
Pull up speed : 30 mts/ min
Rotation speed : 0 to 100rpm
Max. torque : 570kgmts
Hydraulic jacks  (stabilizers) : 4 nos. Box type
Break out wrench (to  open the drill joints) : 100mm*350mm stroke
Water injection pump : 80lpm at 450psi
Carrier : 6x4 / 8x4 Truck
Accessories/ optional  attachments : Welding set, winch with jib and boom  arrangement on the top of the mast.


Dial Beaver Tracks