Technical Specification Of Beaver EM 30

BLAST HOLE DRILLis a versatile hydraulic drill rig, mounted on a TATA Hitachi EX 200 LC Excavator (or any equivalent excavator)with onboard compressor, suitable for blast hole drilling in mines, can be easily accessible to drill on beach as well as below the ground level.

Our Excavator mounted blast hole drill is a perfect high-performance solution for a wide variety of drilling applications and can operate in all Terrain conditions.

Applications: Suitable for Blast hole drilling in mines,construction works, canal works and solar projects.

Drilling Method : DTH
Drilling Diameter (Blast hole) : 4.5" to 6.5"
Drilling Depth : 30 mtr(100ft)
Drilling Diameter (Solar Project) : 12.0"
Excavator for Mounting : Rig is Mounted on 20 Ton Excavator
Prime Mover : The Entire Rig hydraulic system will be powered by using same Prime mover of Excavator and seperate suitable Direction control valves will be provided for working of the drill rig.
Mast Construction : Channel  Structure
Mast : Suitable to handle drill rod of length 20 ft.(6 mtr)
Centralizer opening : 10.6" (standard) / 14.0" (solar project)
Pull Up Force : 4100 Kgf
Pull down Force : 2500 Kgf
Rotary Head Torque : 260 kg. mtr
Breakout Arrangement : The Drill Rig is equpped with hydraulically operated breakout wrench for tightening and loosening of drill rods and hammer.
Max operating Pressure : 160 Kg/Cm2
Water Injection Pump (Optional) : 36 LPM / 80 LPM
Dust Collector (Optional) : Heavy Duty dust collector is provided forcollecting the drilling dust.
Rod Carousel (Optional) : The Drill RIg is equipped with hydraulically operated rod carousel for changing, coupling and uncoupling of drill rods


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