Technical Specification Of Beaver DTHR 200
BEAVER BTHR-200 Model, Truck Mounted Hydraulically Operated Water Well Drilling Rig can capable of drilling from 6” to 8” Dia. Bore Holes in hard rock by DTH method, upto 12½” Bore Holes in Unconsolidated / alluvial formations using  water / foam flush by Rotary method & Unconsolidated / Gravel / Boundary Formations using ODEX tools up to a depth of 200 Meters (650 Ft.) under favorable Drilling Conditions. The hydraulic pumps shall be powered by either same truck engine through PTO or by a separate diesel drive deck engine. It is a two truck version drilling rig.
Capacity of Drilling : 6” to 8” Drilling to a depth of 200  mtrs. (650 feet)
Prime mover of the hydraulic  pumps : Truck Engine / Deck Engine of  suitable capacity
Hydraulic Pumps used : Radial Piston Pumps & Gear Pump
Maximum operating pressure : 230 Bar
Hydraulic oil tank capacity : 600 Ltrs.
Mast Construction : Channel  Structure
Mast : Suitable to handle 20ft. pipes
Centralizer opening : 14”
Pull-up Force : 11800kg
Pull-down Force : 5800 Kgs
Pull-up Speed : 35 Mtrs/min
Max. Torque in Series Circuit : 270 Kg-m @ 0-120 rpm
Max. Torque in Parallel  Circuit : 540 Kg-m @ 0-60 rpm
Hydraulic Jacks (Stabilizers) : 4 Nos. of Box Type Ø125x70x610  Stroke
Break-out wrench (to open  the drill joints) : Ø100x350 Stroke
Water Injection Pump : 50 LPM @ 40 Bar
Airline Lubricator capacity : 15 Ltrs.
Max. Working pressure of the  Lubricator : 350 PSI
Auxiliary Winch : 1000 Kgs
Accessories / Optional  attachments : Welding Alternator, Main Winch with  jib and boom arrangement on the  top of the mast.
Suitable Mud Pump : 6”x6”. Driven by either a separate  engine or with Hydraulic Motor.
Air Compressor

: 1100cfm, 300psi or 1200cfm,  330psi


Dial Beaver Tracks