Technical Specification Of Beaver BCD-90

BEAVER BCD-90 Model, Crawler Mounted Pneumatically Operated Blast Hole Drilling Rig can capable of drilling from 4.5” to 6” Dia. Bore Holes in hard rock formation by DTH method up to a depth of 30 Meters (100 Ft.) under favorable Drilling Conditions. The hydraulic Cylinders in this machine shall be powered by a separate hydraulic power pack. It is a very cost effective and best product for mining applications.

Capacity of drilling
41/2” to 6” bore hole to a depth  of 100mtr. Under favorable  drilling conditions
Prime mover OS the hydraulic  Pumps used
Tractor Engine
Hydraulic Pumps used
Gear type/ Van Type
Maximum operating pressure
180 Kg/cm2
Hydraulic oil Tank Capacity
300 Ltrs
Suitable to handle 10ft. Rods
Mast Construction
Channel structure
Centralizer opening
Pull up Force
Pull Down Force
Pull up Speed
39Mts/ min
Rotation Speed
0 to 100rpm
Max. torque
Hydraulic Jacks (Stabilizers)
4 no. of 100*63*610mm stroke
Break Out wrench (to open the  drill joints)
80mm*300mm Stroke
Water Injection Pump
36Lpm at 450psi


Dial Beaver Tracks